In year 1986, the establisher Mr Chin Sam Chiap was started to rent and buy land to plant vegetables, Mr Chin work out whole the farm with his family, which is his wife and three sons. Our production increase year to year, due lack of manpower so we hire foreign worker ro solve the manpower problem. We sold our product to local wholesaler, but we couldn't get a good priced because the wholesalers control the market price and buy our products with lower price.

Because of this reason, in year 1997, Mr Chin eldest son, our present Director Dato' Chin Boon Tak set up a wholesaler department, he sold the product directly to vegetables retail shop & stall for a higher profit. Furthermore, we also act as a wholesaler to buy other farmer products and sold it directly to retailer.

Due to the growth of business, in year 2004, November 30, they incorporation Chim Sam Chiap Sdn Bhd, it is involved in processed food and provision services in the sector of food industry. These are emcompassing importing, exporting, retail and wholesale business. in addition, we are also transaction in all race market, restaurant, mini market, hawker centre and etc.

Most of the local products are directly purchase from local farm, so that our company can provide fresh, cheap and unpolluted vegetables. This is because we are strictly in choosing our products and ensure the farm in fullfils our standard.

Our company also awarded from Ministry Of Agriculture the certificare of SALM, which is inspected by the MOA. With this certificate, we can ensure that our company's farm is fulfilling the stardard of MOA.

Now, our company owns 22 outlets all over Johor Bahru which provided groceries, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. We hope our company will extend the business all over the ASEAN in future.

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